Forever Rose Membership

Forever Rose Membership

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Forever Rose VIP members are entitled to:

  • One (1) free small drip coffee, hot tea, or iced tea per day, for life
  • Or, 10% off the check, for life


If used to its fullest extent, the Forever Rose VIP membership can be worth nearly $100,000! You didn't read that wrong. Read it back twice. Maybe three times if your mind is blown, like ours, at the value being offered here. 


We love our guests, arguably more than any other company on the planet - definitely more than any other company in the area ;)


We designed and are beginning to launch this program as a thank you to YOU, our amazing guests that continue to be the only reason we keep thriving.


The Modern Rose is on a mission to bring quality dishes and drinks (served with a large side of love) to everyone in the country, and it all starts with you. The Forever Rose VIP card will be honored at all current and future locations.


There are two ways to go about earning your very own black Forever Rose card:

  1. Buy one for 50% off for $1,250
  2. Trade 2,500 points from our Loyalty Program for your metal Forever Rose VIP card 

Our amazing 🌹s - we told you we loved you, now we're showing you. Please direct all questions/extreme excitement about our beta program to


* We will respond to all messages in the order in which they were received. 10% discount cannot be combined with any other offer. Certain exclusions may apply.